My research interests lie primarily at the intersections of music education and the psychological sciences. I aim for my research activities to have an impact on the scholarly and practical endeavors of music educators and music education researchers. I believe that systematic inquiry in music education can yield insights that could ultimately lead to more effective and meaningful methods and outcomes for music learners, more effective and impactful methods for music teachers, and more informed policy decisions. As such, my research agenda consists of three streams of work that I have deliberately cultivated during my time as a music education researcher. The three streams of inquiry can be summarized generally as (a) research about music learning, (b) research about music teaching, and (c) research about music education policy. The research I conduct on issues of music learning and teaching overlaps considerably with work in educational psychology and related disciplines that examine constructs such as self-regulation, motivation, and cognition in general. The research I conduct on issues of music education policy incorporates methods and analytical approaches that are common in fields such as sociology and educational policy.

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