SPSS Videos

I created the following videos for two purposes: (1) as resources for my quantitative research methods courses, and (2) as supplemental resources to accompany my book co-authored with Dr. Ken Elpus, Design and Analysis for Quantitative Research in Music Education. The videos are demonstrations of a few basic data management techniques as well as some of the common approaches to data analysis that music education scholars encounter in the literature. All of the videos feature implementations using SPSS. A more recent version of SPSS has come out since the creation of the videos, however, I believe all of the steps to conduct the analyses are virtually the same. The data used in the demonstrations are mostly datasets available as part of the online supplemental material for our book.

PS – although I use R for my own research, I have not yet tried to implement R in a class with music education graduate students.

Introducing the SPSS data editor and entering data

The explore routine in SPSS

Selecting cases and using the split-file function in SPSS

Recoding variables in SPSS

Computing new variables in SPSS

Descriptive analyses and syntax files in SPSS

Bivariate correlation in SPSS

Independent and dependent samples t-tests in SPSS

Non-parametric tests for group comparisons with ordinal or nominal data in SPSS

Oneway ANOVA and post hoc tests in SPSS


Repeated measures ANOVA in SPSS

Factorial ANOVA and interaction effects in SPSS

Simple linear regression in SPSS

Multiple linear regression in SPSS