Writing About Data

This is a collection of general models/templates that I use when introducing students to writing about foundational quantitative analyses that are fairly typical within music education research. These sample write-ups and tables are generated from data that I use as examples in the Quantitative Research Methods courses I teach at the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music as well as the data that are provided with the book written by myself and Dr. Ken Elpus, Design and Analysis for Quantitative Research in Music Education. I aggregated all of these examples into one document so that my students wouldn’t have to search through powerpoints for each topic to find them. I’m sharing this as MS Word format as opposed to PDF so that tables can be cut and pasted and used as templates.

If you find these useful, you are welcome to use these as examples your own teaching …

…just please let me know you have done so.

Please also let me know if you see any problems or mistakes. I am sure there are some that got by me…

click here to access a MS Word version of the document

click here to access a PDF version of the document