Obi-Wan your teaching, Episode XXXVII


What does it mean… to Obi-Wan your teaching?

Definition: To seek wisdom about teaching, to keep a cool head when negotiating good and bad ideas, to have a sense of humor about teaching, to be present when you’re needed (e.g., you may be their only hope), to commit to nurturing the next generation of whatever

Why is this episode thirty seven?

To leave room for prequels (since that’s the way it’s done – obviously)

Episode XXXVII: Listen

Listen to your students like Obi-Wan listens to R2-D2…

    • Be patient and listen very carefully to what your students have to say
    • Even if it’s hard for others to understand, you might be the only one around who can translate what it is they’re trying to say
    • Even when they’re precocious your students can be helpful in ways you can’t imagine
    • Recognize that they’re an integral part of the “team” and “process” when it comes to your teaching

For your listening pleasure…

A link to nothing but R2-D2s sounds


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