Obi-Wan your teaching, Episode XXXVI


What does it mean… to Obi-Wan your teaching?

[Verb: I Obi-Wan, You Obi-Wan, She/He Obi-Wans, We Obi-Wan, You (plural) Obi-Wan, They Obi-Wan]

Definition: To seek wisdom about teaching, to keep a cool head when negotiating good and bad ideas, to have a sense of humor about teaching, to be present when you’re needed (e.g., you may be their only hope), to commit to nurturing the next generation of whatever

Why is this episode thirty six?

To leave room for prequels (since that’s the way it’s done – obviously)

Episode XXXVI: Obi-Wan is dead, Long live Obi-Wan

When you’re teaching, be like Obi-Wan when he was a ghost…

    • By that I mean, step back once in a while and recognize your place within a larger force
    • Trust your sense of wisdom and be present with your students when it counts
    • Aim to be the voice your students hear when they most need to trust themselves

When you’re teaching, be like Obi-Wan when he was alive…

    • Be patient and trust in your idea(s) and do everything you can to nurture it(them)
    • If, after trying as hard as you can, it’s ultimately going down the wrong path then chop it up and let it go
    • It’s ok, you can’t lose… …if you try a bad idea and it doesn’t work out you’ve still learned a lot and you’ll win in the end

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